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TechMinds 4 Hire, Inc. is your one stop shop for a variety of business services.

We offer web hosting, dedicated servers, colo services, cloud servers, virtual private servers, server management, spam filtering from SpamExperts, IT management and architecture, backup and disaster recovery, VOIP PBX consulting, along with database consulting for MS SQL Server and Oracle located in the Chicago area. From phone support and consultations we aim to service your needs promptly. Our datacenter offer redundant power and networking, so that your server solution is always connected to the Internet.

Our fully redundant performance network utilizes routing and switching products from Brocade, Cisco Systems, and Juniper Networks, the leaders in the industry. We utilize redundant Brocade MLXe routers as our core routers/switches, Cisco 6500 and Juniper EX8200 (depending on location) switches in our distribution layer, and Cisco 2960 and Juniper EX2200 switches in our aggregation/customer layer. Additional network equipment includes an InterNAP FCP to optimize overall network routing and performance, assuring the lowest latency and jitter to sustain high frequency trading, voice services, and game server providers.


We wouldn't be where we are right now if it wasn't for TM4H; they helped us grow and always give us the confidence we need to know that our site will be up and running all the time for our clients & users.

Max Castro - CEO MCTEKK

We are completely delighted with the way Tech Minds 4 Hire continues to develop our BioTech Circle portal as we decide on new areas to add.

Biotech Circle

Uptime has been fantastic - Tech support is instant - and customer service is attentive. I highly recommend TM4H.

VSG Marketing

Intel Server 1
  • E3 Xeon
  • 16GB of ram
  • 2TB disk
  • 1GB Bandwith
Intel Server 2
  • Dual Xeon L5640
  • 32GB of ram
  • 2 x 2TB disks
  • 1GB Bandwith
Intel Server 5
  • Dual Xeon L5640
  • 32GB of ram
  • 12 x 3TB disks
  • 1 x 120 SSD
  • LSI Raid card
  • 1GB Bandwith