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99.999% Guaranteed Uptime

Dependable and Reliable

Your visitors will never be left in the cold, TM4H offers guaranteed uptime to endure that your traffic always has a place to land.

Flexible Solutions

Hosting and Services

TM4H not only offers a full array of hosting solutions, but can also manage your challenging IT projects.

24/7 Support

Stability and Speed

Our datacenter is staffed 24/7 to handle any need you may have at any time of the day or night, emergency or not.

No Boundaries

Accommodating and Limitless

Most of our hosting packages include UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH, never be shocked by overage charges or additional fees.

Over 10 Years Experience

Knowledgeable and Solid

TM4H has been in business for over 10 years, we know our stuff! We’re the industry veterans that you can count on.

Your Data is Our Concern

Safe and Secure

TM4H prides ourselves on the security of our datacenters and the protection of your crucial data – we are the most secure in the biz.

About Us

TechMinds 4 Hire believes in ...

…In using innovative thinking to solve complex IT problems. At TechMinds 4 Hire, Inc., TM4H, we approach each problem from a myriad of directions, and explore a variety of solutions. Our goal is to find the very best solution to meet the unique needs of our individual clients.

…In standing behind its customers and its products. We want complete customer satisfaction. TechMinds 4 Hire, Inc. believes that an IT problem is only truly solved with adequate product support. Implementation is not enough. Without adequate support, a problem may continue to grow until it requires yet another solution. Therefore, we pride ourselves on providing thorough product support to our clients. To ensure continuous satisfaction, TechMinds 4 Hire, Inc. offers its clients extensive post-implementation support.

…consistent customer support. No matter the size of the organization, we provide each of our clients with the same level of care and attention to detail. The scope of each project is individually tailored to meet each client’s unique resources and marketplace.

…That the first step to finding a great solution is to develop a solid understanding of the problem. We work closely with our clients to assess the source of the problem. Once armed with a solid understanding of the problem, TechMinds 4 Hire, Inc. then presents its client with a project estimate. We ask that our clients cover any necessary travel expenses.